Residents & Fellows

The Osteopathic Founders Foundation is very pleased to reestablish its grant program to support the purchase of textbooks for use in the post-graduate training programs at OSU Medical Center and OSU Center for Health Sciences. Effective February 3, 2010, limited funds became available to provide assistance with the purchase of textbooks within the following guidelines:

  • The program is available to residents/fellows who are enrolled in a post-graduate training program sponsored by OSU Medical Center or the OSU Center for Health Sciences at the OSU Medical Center and are employed by OSU Medical Center.
  • The textbooks must be required as part of a regularly scheduled reading program which is supervised and regularly attended by the program director or program trainers.
  • Textbooks will only be provided for residents and fellows, not for attending physicians.
  • Textbooks are limited to one per calendar year.
  • Textbooks are limited to a maximum cost of $200.

Applications for textbook grants should be submitted using the Textbook Request Application and must include the name of each eligible resident for whom a book is being requested. The application must be approved by the program director.

Textbooks will be received at the Foundation office and recipients will be responsible for picking up from our office at 8801 S Yale Ave, Suite 400 (Geophysical Resource Center).

To apply, fill out and submit the Textbook Request Form below: