Outstanding Physician Honorees

For 30 years, a distinguished group of physicians has been honored with the Osteopathic Founders Foundation Outstanding Physician Award. These physicians, who are chosen by their peers, are selected for their extraordinary service to patients, to the community, to the osteopathic profession, and to the education of young osteopathic physicians. The exemplary careers of these honorees are a tribute to the history of this profession and an inspiration to their successors. We congratulate and thank all our past honorees.

2020 Outstanding Physician

Kayse M. Shrum, D.O., FACOP

As presented by Scott Cyrus, D.O. at Winterset, February 22, 2020…

Good Evening, it’s truly my pleasure to introduce this year’s winner of the Outstanding Physician Award.

I’ve known this physician for over 20 years. I first met this physician when they were a young, wide-eyed resident at Tulsa Regional Medical Center. They had just graduated from OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and were starting their residency. We had two things in common, both OSU-COM alum and completing our residency at TRMC.

As an attending physician at Tulsa Regional, I had the opportunity to witness the evolution of this caring physician. As a resident, this physician was smart, hardworking, and eager to learn, and especially great with the patients. I could tell that they were one of those doctors who cared deeply about their patients’ well-being and who embraced the osteopathic philosophy with conviction. By any measure, they were a standout resident and to no one’s surprise, were elected Chief Resident.

After residency completion, they practiced osteopathic medicine in rural Oklahoma for a couple of years before joining the faculty at OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine.

At OSU-COM, they quickly rose through the ranks never shying away from any challenging projects and always the first to get the job done. Within two years, they were named Chair of the Department of Pediatrics in 2004.

They have and always will rise to the top. It’s just in their DNA makeup.

In 2009, SHE became Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. This was her entrée into the leadership roles at OSU-COM – the first of many.

In 2011, she was named Dean of OSU-COM, becoming the youngest and first female to lead a medical school in Oklahoma. She also served as Provost of OSU Center for Health Sciences, overseeing the graduate programs as well.

In 2013, she was named the President of OSU Center for Health Sciences.

Under her leadership, OSU Center for Health Sciences has seen tremendous growth.

  • The medical school class size has almost doubled, growing from 88 students to 165 students!
  • Residency sites have grown from two to nine sites, the majority of new sites located in rural Oklahoma.
  • She led the way to establish the nation’s first tribally affiliated medical school, the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation.
  • The OSU-COM campus has been transformed with an extreme makeover. The AR and Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building towers over Highway 75. It houses the region’s largest hospital simulation center. If you haven’t visited the OSU-COM campus over the last three years, you’re in for a treat.

She has elevated the status of OSU Center for Health Sciences to a national academic health center. In March 2019, the National Center for Wellness & Recovery at OSU Medicine received nearly $200 million dollars from a landmark settlement, becoming the nation’s largest privately funded medical foundation dedicated to pain and addiction research and treatment.

Through her leadership, her accomplishments have focused on the growth of OSU-COM and the improvement of the overall education of the students and residents.

Just a few weeks ago, President Trump allocated in his budget $120 million to build a new VA hospital in downtown Tulsa, right across from OSU Medical Center. It’s because of her outstanding leadership and her vision that our veterans will have the opportunity to receive the best care that our osteopathic medical students and residents can provide.

This outstanding physician has accomplished all this while juggling her many roles as a mother to six children, as a loving wife to her husband, as a caring sibling to her sister, and as a dutiful daughter to her parents.

In her free time, she serves in Governor Kevin Stitt’s Cabinet as his Secretary of Science and Innovation.

By now, it’s pretty easy to guess who this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Physician Award will be.

Please join me in congratulating Kayse Shrum, DO as the Osteopathic Founders Foundation’s 2020 Outstanding Physician.

Past Outstanding Physician Honorees

2019 ~ Scott S. Cyrus, D.O.2004 ~ Dean R. Fullingim, D.O.
2018 ~ Stephen G. Bovasso, D.O.2003 ~ Larry J. Dullye, D.O.
2017 ~ Michael H. Whitworth, D.O.2002 ~ Harold L. Battenfield, D.O.
2016 ~ J. Martin Beal, D.O.2001 ~ R. Michael Eimen, D.O.
2015 ~ W.W. Stoever, D.O.2000 ~ Beverly J. Mathis, D.O.
2014 ~ Tom A. Hamilton, D.O.1999 ~ James S. Seebass, D.O.
2013 ~ Stanley E. Grogg, D.O.1998 ~ Kenneth E. Calabrese, D.O.
2012 ~ Arthur G. Wallace, Jr., D.O.1997 ~ David F. Hitzeman, D.O.
2011 ~ George E. Erbacher, D.O.1996 ~ Dan H. Fieker, D.O.
2010 ~ J. Harley Galusha, D.O.1995 ~ Robert S. Lawson, D.O.
2009 ~ Donald M. Dushay, D.O.1994 ~ James D. Edwards, D.O.
2008 ~ Joseph J. Back, D.O.1993 ~ B.B. Baker, D.O.
2007 ~ Michael P. Carney, D.O.1992 ~ Walter F. Kempe, D.O.
2006 ~ Steven C. Buck, D.O.1991 ~ Joseph A. Keuchel, D.O.
2005 ~ Richard R. Polk, D.O.1990 ~ Ebb W. Reeves, D.O.

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