Outstanding Physician Honorees

For 30 years, a distinguished group of physicians has been honored with the Osteopathic Founders Foundation Outstanding Physician Award. These physicians, who are chosen by their peers, are selected for their extraordinary service to patients, to the community, to the osteopathic profession, and to the education of young osteopathic physicians. The exemplary careers of these honorees are a tribute to the history of this profession and an inspiration to their successors. We congratulate and thank all our past honorees.

2019 Outstanding Physician

Scott S. Cyrus, D.O.

As presented by Stan Grogg, D.O. and Kelly Grogg at Winterset, February 23, 2019…

Stan: Hello Everyone. It takes two of us to introduce the Osteopathic Founders Foundation’s physician of the year; one younger Grogg, so you remember what I used to look like and for the early history of the honored physician, and one older Grogg for later events of this fabulous physician’s life.

Kelly: And I would like to thank all the physicians and other people in this room that have cared for me during my life. I believe I first met the outstanding physician in the early 90s when dad had this person over to our house for a refreshment. I remember they had a history of being a nurse with three children.

Stan: Do you remember that the physician mowed their yard and you had your own lawn service and couldn’t hustle the doctor to let you mow the yard.

Kelly: I do, but I have made up for that by selling the family a lot of plants and trees from Grogg’s Green Barn. I also remember when the physician decided to go into family medicine residency instead of pediatrics. You were upset, Dad.

Stan: So, I was, son. We remained friends. A couple of years later, I was able to match the physician with his future bride. And you know where their first date was?

Kelly: If I remember the story correctly, it was a Winterset, right. And they got married and actually Chaired Winterset in 2003.

Stan: I am surprised you remember.

Kelly: He went to OSU-College of Osteopathic Medicine. That’s Oklahoma State University not Ohio State University, Dad.

Stan: Do you remember where he was from?

Kelly: LA…. That’s Lower Arkansas, right?

Stan: Wow, what a memory.

Kelly: I also remember that he came to you begging to change from his family practice residency after 6 months requesting a TRMC pediatric residency.

Stan: Yes, indeed. And I was very happy to accept him.

Kelly: And if I remember correctly, you were asked to be his best man.

Stan: You are correct. After the marriage, he was the father of four daughters. And a few years later, the father of a son. What else do you remember about him?

Kelly: He was tall and had a full head of hair; something that is not part of the Grogg heritage. Why did he move to move to Hot Springs, Arkansas after his pediatric residency?

Stan: Not sure, but when I offered for him and his family to take over my pediatric practice, it only took a week for the phone call saying, we accept your offer. And so, it was to be in 1998. Your Mom and I were thus were able to travel around the world for 6 months.

Kelly: Didn’t he join Tulsa Sunrise Rotary.

Stan: He did. And he accepted the position as President of the club which was great except, he forgot to ask his wife… not good, since I accidently informed her. Things were quiet at dinner that evening.

Kelly: Dad, could you tell us about some of his honors.

Stan: I wished we had the time to discuss all his honors, but the audience is getting tired of us talking and want to know who the OFF’s doctor of the year is. But I would like to brag a little. He has been the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association’s President, President of the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, Chairman of the OFF Board, Vice Chair of the AOA’s Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists, and recently elected to the American Osteopathic Foundation Board.

Kelly: And important to me, he is my children’s pediatrician. Speaking of which, I believe he frequently flies a lot between Tulsa and El Paso. Isn’t he the Founding Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at the New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico?

Stan: Yes, he is. I think that is enough. Let’s all, please stand and congratulate the Osteopathic Founder’s Foundations’ Physician of the year, with a Tulsa applause for Dr. Scott Cyrus, his wife, Janell and family.

Past Outstanding Physician Honorees

2019 ~ Scott S. Cyrus, D.O.2004 ~ Dean R. Fullingim, D.O.
2018 ~ Stephen G. Bovasso, D.O.2003 ~ Larry J. Dullye, D.O.
2017 ~ Michael H. Whitworth, D.O.2002 ~ Harold L. Battenfield, D.O.
2016 ~ J. Martin Beal, D.O.2001 ~ R. Michael Eimen, D.O.
2015 ~ W.W. Stoever, D.O.2000 ~ Beverly J. Mathis, D.O.
2014 ~ Tom A. Hamilton, D.O.1999 ~ James S. Seebass, D.O.
2013 ~ Stanley E. Grogg, D.O.1998 ~ Kenneth E. Calabrese, D.O.
2012 ~ Arthur G. Wallace, Jr., D.O.1997 ~ David F. Hitzeman, D.O.
2011 ~ George E. Erbacher, D.O.1996 ~ Dan H. Fieker, D.O.
2010 ~ J. Harley Galusha, D.O.1995 ~ Robert S. Lawson, D.O.
2009 ~ Donald M. Dushay, D.O.1994 ~ James D. Edwards, D.O.
2008 ~ Joseph J. Back, D.O.1993 ~ B.B. Baker, D.O.
2007 ~ Michael P. Carney, D.O.1992 ~ Walter F. Kempe, D.O.
2006 ~ Steven C. Buck, D.O.1991 ~ Joseph A. Keuchel, D.O.
2005 ~ Richard R. Polk, D.O.1990 ~ Ebb W. Reeves, D.O.

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