Opioid Law and Resources

Below are various official resources
regarding Oklahoma Bill 1446.

Oklahoma State Bill 1446 Regarding the Regulation of Opioid Drugs

Bill 1446 (effective 11/01/2018)

Oklahoma State Bill 848 Regarding Opioid Drugs

Bill 848 (effective 05/14/2019)

Oklahoma Senate Bills 1446 & 848 ~ Compliance and Best Practice For an Act Regulating of Use of Opioid Drugs

Best Practice Document (updated 06/03/2019)

Title 475

Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Control

Chapter 30 ~ Labeling Requirements

Emergency Adoption Document (effective 11/01/2018)

Opioid Therapy Patient-Provider Agreement

Sample Agreement

Written Policy for Physicians as Required for the “Qualifying Opioid Patient”

Sample Policy

The Oklahoma Opioid Crisis and SB1446
Layne E. Subera, DO, MA, FACOFP
Slides Presented May 2019 as Proper Prescribing CME

The Oklahoma Opioid Crisis and SB1446 – part 1
The Oklahoma Opioid Crisis and SB1446 – part 2

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