Fellows, Residents, Students

The Osteopathic Founders Foundation is very pleased to support post-graduate training programs at OSU Medical Center and OSU Center for Health Sciences through educational stipends, textbooks and scholarships.

Education Stipends

OFF educational grants and stipends are available to osteopathic physicians enrolled in an ACGME accredited post-graduate training program with Osteopathic Recognition, to professional level employees of a College of Osteopathic Medicine, or to professional level employees of a hospital which sponsors post-graduate training programs accredited by the ACGME with Osteopathic Recognition.


The Osteopathic Founders Foundation supports, through grants, the purchase of textbooks for use in the post-graduate training programs at OSU Medical Center and OSU Center for Health Sciences.

Tribute Scholarship Program

The Osteopathic Founders Foundation’s Tribute Scholarship program is open to those students who are invited to apply based upon academic standing at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. These scholarships are presented annually by the Foundation.

Founders' Leadership Award Program

This $3,000 scholarship provided by the Osteopathic Founders Foundation will annually recognize, honor, and encourage one osteopathic medical student who exhibits the foundational leadership skills that will serve their profession and their community now and in the future.

Research Poster Symposium

Osteopathic medical students and residents are invited to showcase their research during the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association’s Winter CME Seminar! All entrants must be a current osteopathic medical student or an osteopathic physician currently in a postgraduate training program. All students and physicians in postgraduate training programs receive free registration to the Winter CME Seminar and are encouraged to attend.

Scholarship Recipient Dinner

Each December, recipients of the Tribute Scholarships and Founders’ Leadership Scholarship are honored at a special dinner with the Osteopathic Founders Foundation Board of Directors.

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